Learn to drive quicker. Get your Freedom faster.

95% pass rate first time only at Excellence!*

We train you to gain your license quicker with our experienced trainers and state of the art driving simulators.

For many years people have been saying that Nz’s drivers need better training. 

At Excellence Driving Academy we believe providing new drivers no matter what the age with better skills to handle situations that arise on the road and improves their driving.

We have found that students whom use the whole Excellence Driver Training system gain their licenses quicker, faster and are better drivers.

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Striving for excellence in all drivers.

How Can Excellence
Driving Academy Help You?


Get your license sooner using the Excellence Driver Training system.

  1. Simulator training
  2. Road training
  3. Sit your test
  4. Get your freedom
  5. Be a safer licensed driver


100% risk free safe environment. Be an excellent driver from day one.

  1. Simulator training
  2. Risk Awareness Training
  3. Fully qualified instructors
  4. Striving for Excellence in all drivers


Studies show you learn 3x faster using a simulator,

  1. Guarantee driving scenarios
  2. No driving to and from site
  3. Practice correct methods
  4. Some students get Restricted in 12 hours total


Learning one skill at a time.

  1. Stress free environment
  2. One skill at time, not multi-tasking
  3. A range of learning difficulties catered for
  4. You don't even need your Learner's license to start

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