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Covid 19 Requirements

From 3 December 2021 all instructors are expected to request a vaccination certificate or a vaccine pass from customers. This is a requirement under the Covid 19 Response (vaccination) Legislation Act 2021, which controls the Covid 19 traffic Light System in NZ. It is also highly likely that our staff will verify these through the NZ Pass verification App when you attend your first lesson.

Driver education is not classified as an essential service. As in car training cannot provide staff or clients with 1m social distancing all staff & volunteers in close contact roles must be fully vaccinated to help keep themselves and clients as safe as possible from the full effects of the Covid 19 virus.An instructor’s or customer’s vehicle is considered to be a close contact workplace. As such, each vehicle will have its own QR code& when using a customer vehicle the instructor & client will use the instructor’s own QR code. Please ask the instructor where these are located.Staff will take as many precautions as possible by sanitizing the equipment used by clients and themselves between lessons, wearing a mask and scanning in to the covid tracer app.

While we respect your right not to present a vaccine certificate or pass, please understand that we must follow the guidelines given to us by the NZ Government or face fines of $15000.Non- vaccinated customers may be refused entry for H&S reasons. If we choose to allow non-vaccinated people onsite, Worksafe NZ expects that extra precautions will be taken to ensure everyone’s safety under the traffic light system.

Under the Green Light System

All customers will be asked to scan in, wear a mask or face covering, sanitize hands. Customers may be asked to provide evidence of a covid 19 test less than 72hrs old.

Under Orange or Red Light

Customers without a covid Pass should not be allowed to enter a close contact workplace (eg. A driver training car)

Primary & Secondary schools are not required to ask for proof of vaccination, however, as a close contact provider we are required to, so please do not be offended when we ask for proof.

NZTA Driver Licence Testing & Policies

At Excellence Driving Academy we are happy to help you book & reschedule driving tests . New tests have a fee payable at the time of booking. This fee will be on-charged to the customer on the day of booking and is required to be paid within the 7 day period.

We recommend using us to book your test if you wish to use the Excellence training cars on test day. We will ensure that the car & tutor are available for the test booking.

NZTA do not charge fees for rescheduling tests within 2 working days of a test booking. You may apply for a partial refund direct to NZTA if you are unable to sit the test on the day due to illness. Refund forms are able to be downloaded from their website. Payment is at the discretion of the organisation.
NZTA/VTNZ require all customers to wear a mask in car during a test. Mask exemptions are not accepted by VTNZ.From 3 December 2021 customers will not be allowed to do in-car testing without proof of a vaccination certificate or passport. We suggest that if this is an issue for you and you have an existing booking, please allow time to discuss this with NZTA at least 2 working days before the test.

Acceptance of Lessons and Cancellation Policy

When you request a lesson from us or are enrolled as a student, unless you specify otherwise, we will make regular appointments for you to progress with your driving journey. We will either email. Text or phone you with the lesson details (it could be a combination of these options). We will always use a calendar invite which we require the student or guardian to accept or decline within 24 hrs of the lesson. If you would like another appointment, please let us know when is suitable.

If lessons are not declined by the customer, Excellence Driving Academy assume that the lesson time is accepted.

If lessons are cancelled within the 24hr period, a $30 cancellation fee may be payable. If you do not contact us or attend your lesson the full lesson fee is applied.

Lesson Payment

All lessons are invoiced and payable within 7 days. Invoicing is done by an outside business so often will not be sent on the day of the lesson. You are welcome to make payment ahead of invoicing via internet banking or at a BNZ Branch if this suits you.

Please make sure the student name & date of lesson are listed as references for each payment. An invoice number can also be used as a reference (if known at the time of payment)

Our Bank Account Details

Excellence Driving Academy

Late Payments Policy

If you are unable to settle your account in full each week, please contact Management  via phone or email to set up an acceptable payment plan. If the payment plan is adhered to the account will not have interest added or be referred to a debt collection agency. Unresolved accounts will have 10% interest added for each month the account remains unpaid.

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