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Driver training with Excellence

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Our training differs from all other driver trainers in New Zealand by using a combination of state of the art simulators from ECA Group Europe, and on road automatic and manual driver training.

Our aim is to have you ready for testing in a 3rd of the time. We can combine both off-road simulator training with on-road training lessons to help reduce the time needed to be ready to sit your licence.

01. Off-road Driver Training:
State of Art Driving Simulator

We not only train faster and to a higher standard than have been previously seen in New Zealand, but our system trains people of varying ages and abilities to drive who have either told themselves or been told that they would not be able to drive.

02. On-road Driver Training:
Automatic & Manual Vehicles

We train you on-road in both automatic & manual cars. You can choose to train in your own car or in one of our own cars.

Learner & Upskilling drivers.

Get your license sooner using the Excellence Driver Training system.

  1. Simulator & Road training
  2. Auto & Manual available
  3. Reduced anxiety
  4. Fewer lessons required with sim training- save $$$
  5. 95+% pass rate Restricted test- freedom sooner & save $$$
  6. Up to 66% safer than just on road training
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Senior drivers.

NZ's premier driving simulators outside of the hospital system.

  1. Patient instructors
  2. Gain confidence fast
  3. Pre-testing lessons
  4. Revoked licence- retrain/practice in the simulator only
  5. Rehabilitation & disability training
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Specialist Programmes.

Excellence Driving Academy provide the following specialist driving programme.

  1. Approved ACC Vendor
  2. Left hand drive practice (ChCh only)
  3. Simulator Int'l Hazard Awareness Training
  4. Eco/fuel efficiency training (Manual only)
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H&S Training (commercial)

Helping companies comply with the current health and safety laws.

  1. Compliance for all company drivers under HSAW Act 2015
  2. Improve knowledge & Safety
  3. Reduce accidents & maintenance
  4. We provide a quality yet affordable program
  5. Enquire about onsite training to reduce staff downtime
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Learn to Drive in our Driving Simulators
before moving onto the road

Simulator Driver Training Videos

01. Slalom to learn to trust peripheral vision

02. How a Manual Gearbox clutch works

03. Entering a Motorway

04. Different visibility conditions

05. Big City Driving

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