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Driver training with Excellence

Wanting to learn quickly? Use our training system to make you a safer driver!

We combine simulator & road training to reduce the number of lessons required but maximize your learning. In 6-8 lessons beginners perfect the basic skills essential to become a safe driver (can reduce with some experience). Advanced training exposes you to all aspects of driving & conditions - city & open roads, hills, motorways, so you become confident to drive anywhere.

Initial simulator assessments identify gaps in your knowledge & we can fill them without having to go over skills you have already perfected. You will either need more simulator or on the road training in our auto or manual vehicle (or your own).

If you are beyond beginner, & need advanced or hazard awareness skills to make you a safer driver - the simulator is the best value for money & it teaches to a perfect standard. Conversion to road is fast (usually 1 lesson for beginners) and within a few more road lessons to practice parking, head checks & everything else you perfected on the simulator - you should be ready for testing. On average our students are ready to test after 10-12 lessons total & pass first time with few or no errors.

Whether you have completed our full system or just need a brush up before testing, we pledge to help you be the best driver possible in as short a time as possible. Please try to remember that miracles do sometimes take a little longer and as our services are in high demand, we recommend you contact us early to avoid disappointment.

At Excellence Driver Training we offer a full customer experience, including booking your licence test for you. We recommend a short lesson prior to testing to relax you, practice manoeuvres and make your nervous mistakes with us. If we don’t believe you are ready to test, we will tell you so you don’t waste test bookings or money. Our cars are available for testing for a small fee if you have done your training with us.

Learner & Upskilling drivers.

Get your license sooner using the Excellence Driver Training system.

  1. Simulator & Road training
  2. Auto & Manual available
  3. Reduced anxiety
  4. Fewer lessons required with sim training- save $$$
  5. 95+% pass rate Restricted test- freedom sooner & save $$$
  6. Up to 66% safer than just on road training
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Senior drivers.

NZ's premier driving simulators outside of the hospital system.

  1. Patient instructors
  2. Gain confidence fast
  3. Pre-testing lessons
  4. Revoked licence- retrain/practice in the simulator only
  5. Rehabilitation & disability training
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Specialist Programmes.

Excellence Driving Academy provide the following specialist driving programme.

  1. Approved ACC Vendor
  2. Left hand drive practice (ChCh only)
  3. Simulator Int'l Hazard Awareness Training
  4. Eco/fuel efficiency training (Manual only)
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H&S Training (commercial)

Helping companies comply with the current health and safety laws.

  1. Compliance for all company drivers under HSAW Act 2015
  2. Improve knowledge & Safety
  3. Reduce accidents & maintenance
  4. We provide a quality yet affordable program
  5. Enquire about onsite training to reduce staff downtime
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The world’s premium Driver Training Simulators
& NZ’s premium training system

At Excellence Driving Academy we provide students with exceptional training & value. Students test, on average 2/3’s faster than on road only trained drivers and achieve a significantly higher standard. 95+% pass first time with few or no errors (compared to a national average of 55% & lower).

Our proven systems over 0 years work for people of different ages & abilities, for some it is life changing as they believed they would never gain a licence. Importantly, international research confirms that students trained using ECA type simulators are up to 66% safer in the first 2 dangerous years on road because they have perfected hazard awareness skills before they drive on road. The simulator allows them to perfect all skills (no bad habits) over 6-8 lessons, they are not disadvantaged geographically when doing their licence test because they have access to all the necessary training.

However, not all simulators are made equal. ECA have been world leaders for over 3 decades, their simulators have greatly reduced susceptibility to nausea, high fidelity, randomized programming & interaction, 320km of roading in city, country, hills, motorways, multiple vehicle types, time of day, weather variables, auto & manual. As our students are familiar with driving under instruction in a city environment with heavy traffic when they finally go on road, this decreases the chance of stalling, panic attacks, and increases their ability to cope with other incorrect driver behaviour.

17 popular languages are installed & where English is the first language, this greatly assists learning a skill at a time with explanations, demonstration & lastly multiple opportunities to practice the skills. The advanced training often has video replay & feedback data so students improve.

Written, verbal & kinaesthetic learning styles are all catered for. The use of generic international roading ensures the same high standard of driving required in Europe. NZ road rules & signs have been added to personalise the training experience & whilst our 2 older simulators don’t have modern day gamer graphics they still provide the exceptional training outcomes Excellence customers have become accustomed to.

Learn to perfect your skills on our driving simulators before going on road

Simulator Driver Training Videos

01. Slalom to learn to trust peripheral vision

02. How a Manual Gearbox clutch works

03. Entering a Motorway

04. Different visibility conditions

05. Big City Driving

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